The backline listed is a good indication of the equipment regularly found in our studios....  but some of the backline belongs to our many friends (check out our client list here), and so is occasionally unavailable due to it being out on tour.   

If you require a specific piece of equipment for a session please let us know as early as possible so we can ensure that it is available for you.


Drum Kits

1970s Ludwig - Blue - 20, 16, 13

1970s Premier - Silver - 20, 16, 14, 13

1990s Ludwig - Gold Sparkle - 22, 16, 14


Snare Drums

Ludwig Black Beauty (Black) 14" x 4"

Gretsch Maple (Red) 14' x 4"

Gretsch Brass (Gold) 14" x 5"

Yamaha Birch (Green) 14" x 3"

Mapex (Yellow) 14" x 6"

Vintage Premier (Gold) 14" x 8"



Fender Rhodes (73)

1970's Wurlitzer

1990's Casio MT

Moog Little Phatty

Korg MS2200

USB MIDI Controllers (x4)

Guitar Amplifiers

Fender Deville

Fender Tweed

Fender Vibrolux

Marshall JCM800 amp head

Marshall JCM2000 amp head

Marshall Mosfet Lead amp head

Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet (x2)

Marshall 2 x 12 cabinet

Orange AD15 amp head

Orange 4 x 12 cabinet

Roland Jazz Chorus

Vox AC30

Vox AC15


Bass Amplifiers

Ampeg BR15 combo

Ampeg SVT200 Solid State Amp head

Ampeg SVT Classic Valve Amp head

Ampeg 8 x 10 cabinet

Ampeg 1 x 15 cabinet

Ashdown Mag300 Amp head

Ashdown 1 x 15" cabinet

Trace Elliot 1 x 15" cabinet



Large range of percussion from around the globe, including tablas, bongos, shakers, bells and tambourines