Technical Specs

When it comes to equipment - we've got it covered!  Our equipment is world class, well-maintained and used on a daily basis.   We work with a mixture of digital and analogue equipment to get the best sounds possible for your record.  Check out the links below to the technical specifications for each studio.  

We operate a shared microphone policy throughout the studios, on a first come, first served, basis.  The only exceptions to this are our pair of beloved Neumann M269s - which are only available to clients using Studio A.  The backline listed is a good indication of the equipment regularly found in our studios....  but some of the backline belongs to our many friends (check out our client list here), and so is occasionally unavailable due to it being out on tour.   

If you require a specific piece of equipment for a session please let us know as early as possible so we can ensure that it is available for you.  

Studio A Equipment Specification

Studio B Equipment Specification

Studio C Equipment Specification

Microphone List

Backline Equipment